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hello there,

I am tosin Richard; compassionate being, educator, writer.

I have spent almost 20 years working with students and I am driven by the need for each to recognize, nurture, and reach their own potential. 

Above all, I am determined to do my part in making a positive impact on everything I touch.




— As a professional, she is OluwaTosin Adegbola, Phd; a tenured Associate Professor. Her academic backgrounds are in Public Relations, English Literature, Mass Communications and Publishing from Kentucky State University, Howard University and Columbia University. She is a two-time award-winning coach of the national Honda Campus All Star Challenge and leads students in successful competition. She has held several leadership roles including Department Chairperson. She is especially skilled in training effective student leaders, with an incorporation of diversity beyond expected markers but with an appreciation of inclusion.

— As a creative soul she is T.Richard (she is Tosin, her dad is Richard). She is a simple yet complex bleeding-soul who embodies enough passions to last several lifetimes. She is the author of “Skinny Women are Perfect,” an intentional title that takes you through a journey of self-discovery: Four girlfriends must address their personal demons and decide if preserving their picture-perfect image is worth its price tag.

— As an inner beauty ambassador Tosin founded the 501(c)3 non profit organization, SimpleComplexity, Inc. (now dissolved) which focused on enhancing the internal wellbeing of young women. Tosin’s personal motto is “becoming more comfortable in my own skin unapologetically” and it drives her efforts for women to “Redefine Beautiful from Within.”

—As a passion-keeper she challenges especially youth to tap into their passions and build every career decision on what drives those passions. She believes that the answer to a fulfilling life lies in the space where we connect what we love with what we do and how it inspires everything about us. She is a committed volunteer who loves to go unnoticed, and supporter of several philanthropic efforts, especially those that focus on affecting positively the lives of women, children, and the environment.


“I believe in the power of US and want to be a part of what heals us, honours us and propels us to be as amazing as we dare to be. It is in essence, the purpose of all my ventures. Let’s do something amazing together!” – Tosin.